Monday, 8 April 2013

A long walk; a wedding; & some beautiful art work

Here are some snippets of news and views from around our PWS world...

From the USA:

Larry G, age 44, at his annual 5 mile walk to benefit the Animal Humane Society.  He has made this walk with Buddy, our family dog, for 11 years.  In the beginning, he raised under $2,000 and last year raised an amazing $7,000 for the animals!  He goes door to door soliciting people to sponsor his walk, as well as calling friends and relatives.  Larry also volunteers on a weekly basis at the animal shelter where he takes dogs for a walk.  He was the first volunteer, who has a disability, whom they accepted.  Joell, his personal trainer, has been his partner at the Animal Humane Society since the beginning.  As Larry says, "I love animals and want to help them".

From Italy:

A very special announcement:

The marriage between Michela (who has PWS) and her fiance, Roberto, will take place on October 5th this year.  Our CE, Giorgio Fornasier, will sing Ave Maria at their wedding.

We are looking forward to hearing so much more, and possibly having photographs as well!  In the meantime, we offer our warmest congratulations to Michela and Roverto and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

From the UK

Calling everyone with PWS!
There will be an international Conference about PWS in England in July this year.  We would like people who come to the conference to know what it is like to have PWS, so we are planning to have a Powerpoint presentation to show them with photos, drawings, and words from people with PWS from all around the world.  Would you like to send us something to add to the presentation?  We need one page of photos, drawings and/or words from each person.  (PWS delegates and organisations - please spread the word!!)

To find out more click here

We have already been sent some beautiful artwork - check these out!

And, finally, from the Secretary of IPWSO:

A reminder that Delegates of IPWSO are asked to submit the names of candidates for election to the Board and should do so in association with their PWS Organisations and should advertise this information as widely as possible via their own websites, Facebook pages, email groups and newsletters.  Nominations are due at the IPWSO Secretary's office by 1st May 2013 and will be posted on our IPWSO website.  For more information, click here.