Thursday, June 2, 2011

Would you like to holiday in the Dolomites?

Other than the very rewarding work of being on the IPWSO board, is the great pleasure of finding out where in the world we are next meeting!  Our board meets once at our three-yearly IPWSO World Conferences, and, generally, once inbetween.  Although it might sound extravagent, we generally manage to get support with our venue and accommodation, relying on wonderful international friendships.  This year we met in Giorgio's (our CE) home country, Italy, a couple of hours north of Venice at Laggio di Vigo di Cardore, way up in the Dolomites.  While we were here, we learned that this wonderful place is offering family holidays for special groups... and we're included!

Casa di Laggio high above the village

This wonderful old 'holiday house' used to be a sanitorium for those with TB, but is now used as a holiday place for those wanting to experience the great walks, ski-fields, and explore the beautiful mountains. 

This year will see an enormous upgrade of the cassa with complete refurbishing which will encourage groups to visit and stay.  In this regard, IPWSO will be organising family holidays for anyone with PWS and their families.  Can you imagine a more perfect holiday?  And we will be able to offer a very reasonable family rate!  The menu will be designed for those with PWS in mind, there will be activities for children, and time to relax for parents.  Interested?  Watch this space.... More on this later! 


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