Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PWS School Issues

A New PWSA (USA) e-letter
all about PWS School issues

At PWSA (USA), we are dedicated to helping parents enhance their special education advocacy skills.   We also strive to encourage productive and healthy collaboration between parents and schools to benefit students with PWS.  To help in this effort we’ve created a brand new bi-monthly e-letter called School Times which will focus solely on school issues for the PWS community.  Features include:

  • Guest expert columns on behavior management and more
  •  News about upcoming trainings and webinars       
  •  Reviews of resources you can use
  •  Tips to help parents enhance their advocacy skills
  •  Reports and Insights from Wyatt Special Education Advocates
  •  And more!

This is the first publication to focus solely on school issues for the PWS community in the United States.  It is a great resource for parents and school professionals.  So don’t miss out!  Sign up today by e-mailing Evan Farrar, PWSA (USA) Family Support Counselor.

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