Monday, May 21, 2012

3rd International PWS Caregivers' Conference

Talk with the hands!
Held this time in the inspirational surroundings of Wildbad Kreuth, the conference was host to 17 countries around the world where residential caregiving for those with PWS has been established.  The format of these conferences is based on lectures and workshops, with the workshops spanning two days.  It's here, in the smaller groups, where procedure and policy is hammered out - what works best for those with PWS?  What are the differences between countries?  How can staff best implement changes?  What are the newest ideas from everyone?  What is working well, and what needs reviewing? 

This all takes time, and our workshop leaders work really hard making sure they get everyone's views and incorporating ideas and concepts into guideline format for the rest of the world.  Already there are Guidelines for Best Practice available to anyone interested, and this time the focus of the meeting was to work out how to train the trainers; what information was needed, how best to portray the information, and how to implement it. 

About to start kinaesthetic workshop
One of the new workshops this time focussed on sensory integration with an extra plus of having a kinaesthetic workshop. 

"Our workshop was on sensory issues in PWS, and unlike the workgroups in the past, we really did emphasize the caregivers personal experience with a variety of sensory stimuli including  touch, vibration, taste, chewing gum, breathing, relaxation  and kinesthetics.  This whole conference was about experiencing the moment within the collegial atmosphere of the workgroups as well as enjoying  the wonderful sights and sounds of Bavaria in the company of friends outside the workgroups."

These youngsters were true professionals!
 "The outstanding cultural program was most memorable, showcasing the band, the songs and the dancing of the village children in their ethnic dress.  An enjoyable and  productive time was had by all!"
Friends, good food, and fine beer!

"When I think of our time in Germany, I immediately feel the great feelings of being with such wonderful people with whom I have been sharing conferences for many years.  I look forward to the conferences for all the information, the learning, the sharing, but mostly for the people we see year-in/year-out.  It's the people with whom I have regular contact all through the year, and the relationships that have formed, are true friendships that I treasure."

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  1. Cheri from TexasMay 24, 2012 at 1:07 AM

    Wow! Representing 17 countries!!! I would love to learn more about the Sensory Integration session and the Kinaesthetic Workshop. I can only imagine that the cultural program was great fun! I hope to attend an International Conference someday and bring a small bit of Texas with me.