Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Guardian Angels in Israel

Urith Boger talking about PWS.  On the screen is her son, Doran, and his caregiver
Some of the Guardian Angels
On May 13, 2012, our PWS Association in Israel held a charity event in honor of all the caregivers who work in our three different programs.   A charity event is the major means by which we raise money.  We have a tradition of producing an evening whereby a part of it is a presentation of our activity and the other half is a nice musical program. Usually half of the money we raise through such an event is by tickets and half or sometimes even more is by donations from people who cannot attend the event itself.  It is very important to us to meet our circle of friends face-to-face, because it is almost the only way to let the public know a little bit more about the syndrome and the treatment of those who have it.

As mentioned, this year the topic of the event was the experience of the dedicated and loving caregivers of "out of home residences".  We named them "Guardian Angels" because we know very well that they play a crucial role in keeping our children alive, and of saving  the lives of their families as well. 
One of the young men, thanking his caregivers

Each program made a short movie and one of the staff came to speak on the stage. Two of the residents spoke as well.  It was very educating to learn a little about how the care givers view their work, their protégés and their mission. And above all what they learn from being with and working alongside people having PWS. As one of them said so nicely: " It makes me a better parent to my own child". 

(contributed by Urith Boger, PWS Association, Israel)

Dr Larry Genstil with a young man from one of his programs

Painting, by Urith Boger, of her son, Doran (on the right) with his caregiver

The folk-singers who gave the concert


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    הלוואי שהיום מן הימים נוכל להקים ארגון כמוכם במדינה בה אנו חיים
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  2. Cheri from TexasMay 24, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    Very interesting to read about PWS concerns and needs from other countries! These International blogs somehow make the world seem a little bit smaller and our PW world a little bit closer. As an active member of the Texas PW association, I know the importance of these types of support and the work it takes to keep them going. Nice job Israel, our fellow PWS family.

  3. Congratulations! a great job.